Housing resources Access Point
-central application for supportive housing
Shelters (Toronto)
Assessment and Referral Centre
(Single adults, youth, couples)
416-388 - 4766 or
Central Family Intake 416-397 - 5637
Out of the Cold (November to mid-April) 416-699 - 6682 (OOTC)
Street to Homes Assessment and Referral Centre
Walk in referral
129 Peter Street, Toronto
Street Helpline/ Emergency shelter hotline 416-392 - 3777
Housing Help Centres Albion Service (South Etobicoke) 416-252-5990
Albion Service (North Etobicoke) 416-740-3704
COSTI (North York) 416-244-0480
East York Housing Help Centre 416-698-9306
Flemington Neighourhood Services 416-424-2900
Scarborough Help Centre 416-285-8070
West Toronto 416-531-0841
Woodgreen (East York) 416-645-6000
Unison Health and Community Services 416-653-5400
York Region 905-508-1877
Other info: Welcome Home Guide:
a guide for services to tenants

Disclaimer: These services are provided for information only,
without the recommendations from the writer.